Undp Agreement

With today`s agreement, UNEP and UNDP are firmly on track to support Iraq`s progress in implementing the 2030 sustainable development agenda. “Iraq faces a number of environmental challenges, ranging from water scarcity to rising temperatures, pollution and environmental degradation through years of conflict and neglect. That`s why we are proud to join UNEP and help the Iraqi government ensure a healthy and sustainable environment, now and for future generations,” said Zena Ali Ahmad, UNDP Iraq Resident Representative. “Without increased efforts to slow the climate crisis, the Iraqi people will not be able to live prosperous lives in the future. The goal of the SDGs to leave no one behind, especially SDG 6 for drinking water and sanitation, SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy and SDG 13 for climate action are particularly important for Iraq. I am pleased to see that UNEP and UNDP are stepping up their activities to help Iraq and its people,” said Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, Iraq`s instigator. Programme Management Assistant – UNEP Regional Office for West Asia At the country level, this inter-institutional structure is part of the Resident Coordination System (SRN), which encompasses all agencies in the United Nations system with operational development activities. The SCN is managed by UNDP on behalf of the entire system. The Resident Coordinator function is transferred by the UNDP Resident Representative.

As the Secretary-General`s designated representative, the resident coordinator is the head of the United Nations Country Team (UNCTAD) and plays a central role in coordinating United Nations development operations and aligning them with national priorities. UNDP provides most of the resources needed to maintain the RC system in more than 130 countries. The remainder of the rcs funding comes from a cost-sharing agreement between all participating agencies. For his part, the Regional Director and UNEP Representative in West Asia, Mr.

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