Wto Agreement On Textiles

The agreement indicated the percentage of products that, at each stage, had to be covered by the GATT rules. If one of these products fell under quota, the quotas had to be abolished at the same time. The percentages were applied in 1990 to the textile and clothing trade levels in importing countries. The agreement also stated that import volumes allowed under quotas should increase each year and that the growth rate should increase at each stage. The speed of this expansion was defined in a formula based on the growth rate of the old multifibre arrangement (see table). 4. If there is sufficient evidence at the conclusion of the investigation that a circumvention has taken place (for example. B if there is evidence of the actual country or place of origin and the circumstances of the circumvention, members agree that appropriate measures should be taken to resolve the problem. These measures may include refusing to import goods or, where goods have entered with due consideration of actual circumstances and country`s or origin`s participation, adapting taxes to restriction levels to take into account the actual country or place of origin.

If there are also references to the participation of the members` territories through which the goods were transshipped, such a measure may include the introduction of restrictions on those members. All such measures, as well as their timetable and scope, can be taken after consultation in order to reach a satisfactory solution for both parties between the members concerned and are communicated to the TMB with full reasons. Affected members can agree on other corrective measures as part of the consultation process. Any such agreement is also notified to the TMB and the TMB may submit these recommendations to the relevant members, as long as it is deemed appropriate. If no satisfactory solution is found for both parties, each member concerned can refer the matter to the TMB for immediate consideration and recommendation. 13. During the first stage of this agreement (from the effective date of the WTO agreement until the 36th month in which it is in force, including), the level of any restrictions under the bilateral MfAB agreements, in effect for the 12-month period prior to the entry into force of the WTO agreement , is increased each year by less than the growth rate set for these restrictions. 16%. In any quota-setting system for individual exporting countries, exporters could attempt to circumvent quotas by shipping products through third countries or making false statements about the country of origin of the products.

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