Licensed Post Office Agreement

On June 30, 2017, LPO Group obtained provisional approval from the ACCC to negotiate and enter into agreements with Australia Post. This authorization was limited to the annual audit of the payments made by the licensee under the LPO agreement, as well as the appropriate level of remuneration for all new services set up by the Australia Post during the interim authorization period. The order of reference did not provide for a party`s obligation to participate in collective bargaining. If you are interested in a specific LPO, you can contact the existing licensee directly. Once you have reached an agreement to purchase an existing LPO, the existing licensee will let us know. We will then begin the process of awarding/authorizing. LPOs are required to offer a number of products and services to Australia Post, including the acceptance and processing of the post office, stamps, money instructions, invoice payments and banking. LPOs are private companies to which the Australia Post issues a permanent licence to operate a post office with products, branding and systems from the Australia Post. LPOs offer a number of products and services as part of the Australia Post`s retail network. Australia Post makes certain fees, commissions or discounts for these products and services available to each LPO. LPOs are considered franchisees because they operate under a franchise agreement with Australia Post. “These voluntary collective bargaining are not likely to result in significant public disadvantages, as competition between the licensed post offices is limited.

Members of the LPO group are free to leave the negotiating group or negotiate individually with the Australia Post at any time,” said Dr Schaper. The LPO Group and its members have sought ACCC approval to negotiate and enter into a new agreement with Australia Post or to amend existing agreements on the provision of postal and distribution services by licensed post offices (LPOs). The ACCC has authorized the Licensed Post Office Group Ltd (LPO Group) and its current and future postal members to jointly negotiate with the Australia Post. The agreement also provides for an increase in the minimum payment for vulnerable safety nets to protect the smallest and most vulnerable post offices in regional and rural Australia.

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