Restaurant Business Sale Agreement

NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account the premises and agreements, agreements and alliances that are made there, as well as other good and valuable counterparties whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized here, each of the contracting parties agrees as follows: 3.1. Seller`s organization. The seller is a partnership company duly organized according to the laws of India and with the power and power to hold and sell the assets and carry out its activities as is currently the case. B. The assets that must be transferred to the purchaser under this agreement represent all the assets, characteristics, rights and interests necessary to manage the restoration activity in much the same way as they were carried out by the sellers prior to the date of this agreement. When you buy assets in a business, you are not buying the business yourself, but only one aspect of it. This can mean a product, a client list or some kind of intellectual property. The company retains its name, commitments and tax returns. c. Sellers are responsible for capital gains, taxes, revenue taxes, income tax and similar taxes, and pay as a result of the completion of the transactions under this agreement.

As a buyer, you will probably buy the property or at least accept a rental agreement. Many of these agreements involve the transfer of a lease and/or an agreement for the purchase of a property. uses applications to determine the status of the restaurant asset seller with the Sales Tax Department and the Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco with respect to supplements. Restaurant Asset Seller and Restaurant Asset Buyer agree to do their best to immediately remedy any defects caused by Restaurant Asset Seller or Restaurant Asset Buyer, which may affect the ability of the Asset Koufer restaurant to obtain a transfer or issuance of a temporary license of spirits. The purchaser of a restaurant-assets requests that a temporary license of spirits be issued on or before the end date. Restaurant Asset Seller is an Asset Buyer restaurant with all previous reports issued by the department of hotels and restaurants prior to closing, at the request of the Asset Buyer restaurant. Note: Not suitable for selling shares in a company. For more information on selling a business, see Business Sales Agreements section.

9.1. Taxes. The purchaser of restaurant assets must pay all sales, uses, transfers or other taxes due or due in connection with the transfer and transfer of assets related to this paragraph, and the Restaurant Asset Seller assumes no responsibility in this regard.

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