Tenancy Agreement Dictionary

Rental: a written agreement between the landlord and the tenant that grants the tenant the right to use and use exclusively the landlord`s property for a certain period of time and for an agreed amount of money. Also known as “lease.” Renewal: an option for the tenant in case of termination of a tenancy or tenancy agreement that gives him the choice to extend the contract for a specified period of time. Caution: the refundable money that a new tenant pays to the landlord on the date or before the withdrawal date to ensure the performance of the tenancy obligations by the tenant, i.e. no damage to the well beyond the wear and tear and payment of the rent. Most states have limits on the amount of money an owner can claim for a deposit. A rental agreement must indicate the amount of the deposit and indicate what the deposit is for, where it is kept and whether it earns interest. “Real Estate”: A rental agreement must contain a complete description of the property for rent. This description should contain the address, city, federal government and zip code. It should also measure the number of square feet in space and the means used to measure the square Nprozmeter. Rent: The payment of a certain amount of money for the right to exclusive enjoyment of a dwelling, usually through regular (i.e. monthly) payments.

A rental agreement should indicate the amount of rent, when and how the rent should be paid. Renter: A person who has obtained the right to use and occupy rental property belonging to another person, usually through a rental agreement or lease. The tenant`s right to exclusive enjoyment of the property is generally granted against an agreed amount of money and is limited to a fixed period (normally stipulated in the tenancy agreement). Owner: A property owner who, through a lease or lease agreement, promises to lease all or part of the property to another person (a “tenant”) for its exclusive use — usually for a certain period of time and for an agreed amount of money. So I said: I entered the welcoming doors of my current rent and went down exhausted on the couch. Tree trees can be planted by a tenant for rental purposes. Below are definitions of a number of common words and phrases that may arise in the rental-tenant relationship. These terms and quotation marks, i.e. “the termination date of the lease,” are defined in the same way as they might be in a clause or in the provision of a standard lease or lease.

Fixture: In the context of renting a dwelling, an establishment is the personal property of the tenant, but has become a permanent part of the rental property, so that a distance would be impossible or inemanable.

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