Revolut Legal Agreements

These critical functions are not replicated in all markets and local consultants work with the London team on product and governance issues. Revolut has a global and local panel and has the flexibility to call on its own local advisor if necessary. Provide quality internal customer service. Set expectations and explain tips and decisions. You have service level agreements to set expectations. Then, ask your internal customers for feedback. At Revolut, at the end of a project, a notice is sent to request the lawyer`s customer service. The question is not whether the addressee appreciated the deliberation, it is whether the subject matter was explained and how the lawyer should cooperate. The evaluation is included in the evaluation of the lawyer`s performance. You may be responsible for paying taxes or fees that apply to payments you make or receive through your account, and for which we are not responsible, you may collect them. Sometimes, for example, if you are legally resident in the Republic of Ireland or if you withdraw money through an ATM in the Republic of Ireland, we may collect the corresponding amount of stamp duty within the maximum legal limit, as requested by the Irish Tax Commissioners. So please be sure to check it out for yourself! There is a thrill and rush that goes hand in hand with internal advice in a rapidly changing store.

They are constantly fighting fires. Every day, the legal department is involved in many cases. They need resilience to be able to react. You need to have soft skills to communicate well about the interface of economics and law, what can be done and what is not, and why, and reasonable time frames. We will only transfer your rights or obligations under the Agreement if we reasonably rely on the fact that this does not materially affect your rights under these Terms and Conditions of Sale or if we need to do so to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. If we transfer rights and duties, we call it “Novation”. .

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