Learning Agreement Erasmus Unito

When students decide to embark on a study abroad journey, one of the most important documents they’ll come across is the learning agreement. Particularly, for Erasmus+ students studying at the University of Turin (Unito), the learning agreement is an essential part of the process.

The learning agreement is essentially a document that outlines the courses a student will take while studying at a foreign institution. It acts as a contract between the student, the home institution, and the host institution, outlining the academic expectations and requirements. In the case of Erasmus+ students studying at Unito, the learning agreement outlines the courses that will be recognized by both institutions, ensuring that students get credit for their studies when they return home.

The learning agreement for Erasmus+ students studying at Unito is divided into two parts: the ‘Before Mobility’ section and the ‘During Mobility’ section. The ‘Before Mobility’ section is completed and signed by all parties before the student leaves their home country, while the ‘During Mobility’ section is completed once the student arrives at Unito and confirms their course enrollment.

To complete the ‘Before Mobility’ section, students must first consult with their home institution to confirm their academic requirements and select the courses they would like to take at Unito. Once the courses have been chosen, students must fill out the relevant information on the learning agreement form and have it signed by their home institution`s responsible person. Afterward, the document is sent to Unito’s International Mobility Office, which will then approve or recommend changes to the course selection.

When the student arrives at Unito, they must confirm their course enrollment and make any final changes to the original learning agreement in the ‘During Mobility’ section. This step is crucial as it ensures that the student is on track to receive academic credit for the courses taken at Unito. If there are any changes or deviations from the original learning agreement, the student must ensure that they are approved by both institutions.

In conclusion, the learning agreement is an essential document for Erasmus+ students studying at the University of Turin. It outlines the courses the student will take, ensuring that they receive academic credit for their studies when they return home. By following the steps outlined in the ‘Before Mobility’ and ‘During Mobility’ sections of the learning agreement, students can ensure that their study abroad experience is both academically rewarding and enriching.

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